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I am a Senior Rigger/Technical Animator. I have been working for more than 8 years in the video game and VFX industry and specialize in character rigging and tool scripting. I have a very good knowledge of the artistic and technical sides of a production. This helps me create a bridge between these two different aspects and enables me to help the whole production team by creating tools and optimizing the creation process. The thing I love the most is when I can help people work more efficiently. I am highly motivated by complex problem solving and learning new things.




3DS Max




Atlassian Suite





Stranger Things 3

The Kid Who Would be King

Cascades Tuff

Cascades Fluff

Mowgli : The Legend of The Jungle

The Darwin Project Trailer

Titan Wars Trailer

Ciné Cadeau

Sudden Attack 2 Trailer

Xbox Live New Avatars

Ozwin's Jackpot Intro

Disney Heroes : Battle Mode Trailer

Troll : The Tale of a Tail

Video Game Reel


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